“Think” is a five letter word. It is a simple English word that even children learn at a very young age. It is a word, that is casually flung about in daily life without any consideration for its potency. The phrase “just think” is so much more powerful than we give it credit for; it has the power to create pictures, win arguments, trigger nostalgia, solve problems, all within a fraction of a second. “Just think” has the power to lift us from our positions as mere animals to rational beings with higher mental abilities.

A certain sect of ancient Greek philosophers believed that rational thought and deduction was the very basis of science and knowledge. Although modern science demands more than just thinking, can we deny its significance? Human life is built on little thoughts like, “I think I’ll be an astronaut one day” or someting more destructive like, “I think I can jump that far.” Either way, every little thought we have comes together to shape our existance, our society, our species. Every product in the market, every work of art, any food that we eat was once just that- a thought. So the next time somebody feels hopeless, useless, or talent-less just remind yourself of a subtle yet powerful superpower: the power to Think.


This little ramble was the product of a little challenge that we decided to give ourselves. By we, I mean my friend Rucha from wordcravings ( We call it the, “one word challenge” or as she likes to call it, “the write bitch challenge”

The idea behind this challenge is simple, decide a time you can spare to write freely (in one sitting with no breaks) and give each other one surprise word. Each participant writes any literary piece of their choice on the theme word given to them and shares it. The point of this is simple, to stop the writers block and lack of inspiration and just pour your brainjuices onto your paper. Besides, this is just fun!

As always, please leave comments and suggestions for improvement. Criticism and praise, both welcome! 


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