The Phoenix arose anew,
Feet firmly affixed,
In the ashes of her past.

Dusted off each speck,
Scars shimmering,
In the dying embers at her feet.

The phoenix arose anew,
Her fiery aura glowed,
Exuding a ghostly chill-

A chill of her Rage.



The Light

Her world crumbled at her feet

With each step towards the light,

Her skin tore away from her being

With each step towards the light,

She asked herself,

Was this her salvation?

Or was it the sun?

Burning her piece-by-piece,

With each step towards the light.


Said the sun to the moon,

“Why do you leave me so?

Each morning I rise to watch,

As into the dark you go.”

Wistfully the moon looked back

His lips set in a smile,

For he knew the night had to end

So his Friend could shine his light.


Today’s one word challenge was issued by Tanmay (

The word was “friend” so I turned it into a children’s rhyme! Any suggestions on poetry are welcome (please people, I really need help). 

Thank you for reading!

A Union

Here watch the river serene,

her sun kissed veins,

flowing gold.

Watch as she hits the wide expanse,

wave after wave,

of the sea-intense.

I watch her embrace,

her gold lost in his steely grey:

lost was the innocence,

and forth came strength-

Strength of a union age-old.


This is a poem I had penned down years ago. I was sitting on a river-side bench (at the very mouth of the river) at sunset wishing I could draw what was happening before my eyes. Since I’ma terrible artist, I naturally tuned towards words.

Yet again, comments and criticism is welcome. Thank you for reading!

A Stage

This poem was originally meant to be a silly little piece I meant to submit to the college magazine. As soon as my pen touched my notebook though, it spiraled out of  control. Five minutes later this is what I submitted to the editing team.  

Man stands at a stage,

At a stage, where,

A degree defines knowledge

Gifts define love

Body defines beauty

accoutre defines class.

Freedom is a right, yet is lost everyday.

Science says, “Onward!”

Yet fools we stay.

Man stands at a stage,

At a stage, where,

The truth is buried,

The blame is placed,

Each is self-righteous,

Each afraid.

Yet is the bliss of ignorance,

There lies a spark!

A hope for the future, like

A beacon in the dark.


I considered rewriting and refining this, but it’s too late. I’m already attached to this.

Okay! I admit. Poems are not my strongest suit. So anybody with any advice is welcome to leave them in the comments. I’d love to hear it.

Thank you for reading!!